New Web Series Announces $500 Prize for Best Script

A new web series is set to hit the web early next year and it’s looking for enthusiastic, talented screen writers to contribute their scripts for the series.

mam*mon – Wealth regarded as an evil influence or false object of worship and devotion.

From Peter Spann, Director of Undertow and Heavy Heist

Spann says, “I really want MAMMON to be a collaborative exercise.   MAMMON will be low budget but has big aspirations.  So, to get writers excited about contributing we’re offering a $500 Prize for best script submission.”

MAMMON revolves around a strong central female character so we’re particularly looking for contributions from female writers.

Dark, gritty, sexy and violent

Dark but beautiful, violent, sultry and enlightening this thriller uses magical realism and the tote of the Faustian deal to explore the seduction of money and power.

After watching a lot of current streaming like Westworld, Legion, Breaking Bad, The Handmaid’s Tale, etc it’s obvious to me that a show needs some cut through – violence, sexiness, timeshift, visually compelling story worlds, and so on. Even something like Riverdale takes a benign kids cartoon and turns it dark.

I started to think that MAMMON would be the ideal vehicle to turn into a web series. I think we can make it all of those things even if it is on a super small budget.


Ruby is a fixer.

You’ll find her behind a constantly moving door marked 666.

She offers a simple deal.  Do something for Ruby and she’ll do something for you.  She’ll fix your problem.  No matter how difficult, illegal or expensive.

Fail to carry out the task or follow the terms and conditions of the deal and you lose.  Big time.

And everyone loses.

Now Ruby is in the firing line and the ultimate fix is in.  Outsmart Satan or lose her soul for eternity.


Each episode has as its theme one of the 7 deadly sins – pride, greed, sorrow, wrath, envy, lust and vanity.

So many people sell their souls to borrow money for things that they don’t want to show off to people who they don’t care about.

What would motivate you to sell your soul?

Set in an adult club with dark and shady characters needing spectacularly evil, expensive and illegal bailouts and the central character collecting their souls to pay off her own debt.

10 different characters to write and a story arc that spans time.

Central character appears in all episodes, all other characters appear in 3.

7 different episodes. Write one or write them all.

It is the fusion of the whole team’s ideas and creative input and so we invite you, as a screen writer to contribute.

Plus, you have the chance of winning first prize of $500.

All writers will be credited regardless of how much of your work we use as everyone will be contributing to the ideas and success of the project.

An entry is an Episode Script.   You can enter as many times as you like provided each entry is original and not derivative of your first or any other entry.


Set in an adult club with dark and shady characters needing spectacularly evil, expensive and illegal bailouts and the central character collecting their souls to pay off her own debt.


Register if you will be participating.

Pick an episode you like and start writing!  If you have a better idea than the one in the premise, a better story or character arc, idea or sub-character go for it.  We want your best ideas.

Deadline – 18 September 2017

Deadline for first round submissions is September 18th.   If you want feedback on your idea, premise, or draft you can submit a draft it and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Once selected, the episode writers will be invited to participate in a virtual writer’s room to bring everything together and finish off the scripts.

Submissions must include the author’s full name, address, phone number and email.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us:

And thank you again for participating – let’s make this great together!