Shalane Connors – Jezebeth

Sydney based performer with professional experience in acting, singing, movement studies, modelling and music. Shalane completed a ‘Bachelor of Performing Arts’ and has since worked full-time in film, television, stage, studio, and print.


2017: Slapper Clapper in music video ‘Headcase’ for ‘The Million’ Directed by Kate Halpin
2017: Ella in ‘Ocean Blue’ short film directed by Yohan Fredén
2017: Xara in ‘Affixed’ short film directed by Himanshi Handa
2017: Sasha in ‘Dream Infinity’ short film directed by Kate Murphy
2017: Mathilde in ‘Little Sista’ Web series by Charmaine Bingwa
2017: Jessie in ‘Spinner’ (pre production) director Farren Ifield
2016: Teagen in ‘Benefited’ Feature in post production
2016: Clare in ‘Untitled Vampire’ director Meredith Williams
2016: Elvis in ‘A Girl Called Elvis’ feature project pitch: Denie Pentacost: Benchmark Productions
2015: Lead singer in music video ‘Up’ for SISKIN RIVER: Director Clayton Jacobson
2013: ‘When The Sex Is Gone’ directed by Gabriel Dowrick. DP Mark Windon
2013: Sexy Sadie in ‘Name This Film’ Marshmallow Productions: Ullyses Oliver
2012: Nina in ‘The Road Home’ director Denie Pentecost: Benchmark Films
2011: Courtesan in ‘La Boheme’ Live feauture recording directed by Gale Edwards: Sydney Opera House: Opera Australia
2011: PJ in ‘Last Ride’ One shot feature film directed by James Phillips
2011: Jessica (lead) in ‘Little Thief’ Feature Film directed by Christopher Robin Collins: Warm Front Productions
2011: The Nun in ‘Spice Afloat -Bad Habit’ short film directed by Jonny Peters
2011: Hero in ‘Cathedral’ music video for ‘Young Men Dead’ director Byron Quandary
2010: ‘Twists of Fate’ feature film directed by Mark Eder: On the Mark Productions
2010: Brenda (lead) in ‘Pavan for a Dead Princess’ George Karadonian: Goozan Productions
2010: Sadie in ‘Prelude and Lust’ Short film/trailer for ‘Name This Film’ project. director Ulysses Oliver: Marshmallow Productions
2010: The Doll in ‘Paper Doll’: Short film director Tim Burrows: AFTRS
2010: Woman in ‘Parallel Lines’ Short Film director Elliot Clifford AFTRS
2010: Alice in Pain in ‘Lucydia’: Short Film director Jonny Peters: AFTRS
2010: Layla in ‘Hit and Run’: Short Film director Luke McKay. DP Marc Windon: ManiaFilms
2010: Sue in ‘Second Face’: short film: Charlie R Barnett
2010: Music Video ‘What She Did That Day’ for musician ‘Pave Leclair’ Director Peter Nizic: The Funktion
2010: Music Video ‘I Don’t Want To Party Party’ for ‘Philadelphia Grand Jury’ Director Matt Bisson
2010: Music Video ‘Sister’ for ‘Astreetlightsong’: Director Kieran Fowler
2010: ‘Mobile Screenfest 2010 Introductory Video’ Director Matt Bisson: Araya Films
2009: Magda in ‘Who Pays the Hit Man’ Feature Film directed by Rodd Millner: Bondiwood Productions
2009: Music Video ‘Teledemocracy’ for Russian band ‘Dasaev’: Director Cayden Hsu/Alex Martynov: Choreographer James Barry
2009: Billie in ‘Snap the Moment’: Short film director Ray Huang
2009: Secretary in ‘Suing The Devil’ directed by Tim Chey: Mouth Watering Productions

2017 TVC ‘YES Campaign’ Marriage equality
2017: TVC Tic Tac Drummer
2017: Marlene in ‘Deadly Women’ Season 11 episode 8
2017: Online TVC for So Good Almond Milk
2017: TVC SBS ‘Eurovision’ Paparazzi
2017: TVC Foxtel ‘Video hits Island’
2016: TVC Jacobs Creek Wines (UK only): Hellofuture
2016: TVC Showcase Jewellers: The Creative Foundry
2016: TVC Foxtel ‘MAX Music’ Refresh Shoot
2011: Tracey in ‘Killer Instinct’: Beyond Productions: directed by James Knox
2010: Compulsory Euthanasia Skit for ‘The Gruen Transfer: The Pitch’ ABC1: directed by Dan Reisinger

2017: Courtesan in ‘La Boheme’: Opera Australia: Sydney Opera House
2016: Courtesan in ‘La Boheme’: Opera Australia: Sydney Opera House
2015: Gypsy/waitress in ‘Faust’: Opera Australia: Sydney Opera House
2014: Courtesan in ‘Rigoletto’: Opera Australia: Sydney Opera House
2014: Prostitute in ‘La Boheme’: Opera Australia: Sydney Opera House
2011: Prostitute in ‘La Boheme’: Directed by Gale Edwards: Opera Australia: Sydney Opera House
2011: Witch in ‘Macbeth’ at The Sydney Opera House. Directed by Sally Blackwood. Opera Australia
2011: Prostitute in ‘La Boheme’ at The Sydney Opera House. Directed by Gale Edwards. Opera Australia
2011: Multiple Characters in Patrick Lentons ‘100 Years of Lizards’ Directed by Scott Selkirk and Ngaire O’Leary: Underbelly Arts